Property Management

Are you a part time resident? Do you go on frequent vacations or business trips? Do you want to rent out your porperty while you are away? Allen Collins Realty can help professionally manage your property while you are away. Let us make your life a little easier…

Absentee Owner Services

 Allen Collins Realty offers complete absentee owner real estate services from complete property management, rental, seasonal residence care, maintenance and renovations.

  • Property Management
    • Property management services are available for all types of property, including single family and multi family residences, commercial office buildings, commercial retail space. Allen Collins Realty can help you evaluate market conditions and property values to help you decide to sell to or to lease your properties.
  • Collect Rents
    • Allen Collins Realty collects rents and adequate security deposits. Bill and collect rents during the entire term of the lease. Process evictions as needed, at cost of legal services. Allen Collins Realty computer software based billing and record keeping system ensures timely rent notification and collection.
  •  Prepare comprehensive reports
    •  Provide monthly itemized statements (including all rents collected plus costs/receipts for maintenance). Develop and complete annual statements for tax purposes. Preparation of all documents for legal and binding leases as prepared by landlord/tenant attorneys. Keep track of tenants through move-in/move-out reports.
  • Rehab, repair and maintain properties

 Allen Collins Realty has a licensed general contractor on staff for on-site repairs and maintenance.

 Allen Collins Realty has 24/7 availability.